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Seamless integration of servers, software, and the best customer service. Make the Switch today.

Cloud Redefined

VerticalSwitch is a new kind of cloud services company. We listen to our customers. Instead of saying "no" we find ways to help. We understand the cloud is more than just a website.

Premium 24x7 Support

Experience matters. We understand how the cloud has evolved and we are here to simplify it for your business. We treat your business like it is our own - from our CEO to our dedicated support team.

Rapid Deployment

Applications can be installed with a single click. CRM, collaboration, and all the tools you need to enhance your business are just a click away. With full technical support and seamless integration.

Superior Management

Our customers have control over their web applications and account management features just by logging into our easy to use Portal. Manage web applications, domain registrations, invoices and more. And live support is always available.

What our customers have to say

  • Ryan German, CEO of CG Hospitality “VerticalSwitch is a breath of fresh air in the world of hosting. The service has exceeded my expectations with reliability and top notch support.”
  • Andrew Watt, Bullseye "I called their sales line and the representative helped me though every step of the process. I was anxious about getting the online portion of my business going, but luckily Vertical Switch was there to help get me through it."
  • Stacy Griggs, AlignCloud "I've tried a lot of hosting companies, but most don't understand my needs as a business owner. Vertical Switch understands that setting up a website should be easy."

Why Vertical Switch Hosting?

Experience and Service

Founded by industry veterans that have been in web hosting since 1997, VerticalSwitch is redefining the cloud. Many providers say they have great service, but our team will go above and beyond with prompt, courteous, insightful, and technically excellent support.

Industry Leading Value

Price isn't everything, but we also understand it is important to your business. Some providers make it seem like you have to pay ridiculous premiums to get great infrastructure with responsive and intelligent support. Don't believe it. We make the best service affordable.

Facilities, Servers, and Software

The cloud is more than just infrastructure. At VerticalSwitch, we give you a no-compromises solution seamlessly integrating the best facilities, blazing all-SSD servers, and software to enhance your business. If you're ready for custom code support and one-click application deployment, it's time to make the switch.

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